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Dark Deception

Stolen. Broken. Corrupted.


Being born a leader taught me one thing.
I take what I want.
Including the lone rose who’s struggling to survive on the streets.
Only I’m no knight and I won’t do any saving.
If anything, I’m the nightmare she can’t wake up from.
The monster she can’t escape.
The devil she can’t fight.
I’m the blood that’ll be coating her pure petals.

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Rule of a Kingdom

His kingdom. His rules.


My name is Jonathan King.
They call me ruthless, brutal, and heartless.
It’s all true.
Power is my chessboard and people are my playthings.
I might appear like a refined gentleman but I’m the villain of this story.
Everyone who defies me belongs on their knees.
Including her.

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Yellow Thorns

Blurred. Wrong. Taboo.

It wasn’t supposed to happen. Not the first look.
Not the first kiss.
And definitely not the first run.
But it did.
She ran for it.

And now, my beast will come out to play.

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