Is there a reading order of your books?

There's a series' reading order that exists under every book page. For a full reading order, go here.

Will you do a family tree/graphic for all interconnected characters?

At this time, no. If I find a compact way of doing it in the future, I will.

Will you ever attend a signing?

At the moment, no. For privacy reasons.

Do you do signed paperbacks/merch?

Signed paperbacks are currently available here. As for Merch, I'm currently working on it with my designer so it should be open soon!

Will you share more about yourself/your life?

Aside from what's shared in the 'About' section, no. I'm an extremely private person and want my books to speak for me.

Are you ever going to pick up Team Zero series?

Yes. But not in the near future. Currently, Team Zero is on indefinite hiatus.

Who's your favourite male character you've ever written?

Does that mean I have to choose? :D

What are you working on? Is there a coming soon schedule?

Yes, you can find that here.

Where's Ruin? What about the Rhodes series?

Ruin will be rewritten and the story will completely change. There's no announced release date. The Rhodes' series is not in plans for the near future.

Will there be a series for Royal Elite's second generation?

Yes. It's planned for 2022.